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How To Become QuickBooks Certified

QuickBooks certification is a good accreditation that may considerably improve your bookkeeping and accounting abilities. Obtaining certification for QuickBooks, one of the most popular accounting software packages, shows that you are a skilled user of its features. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get certified in QuickBooks:

  1. Please become familiar with QuickBooks: It’s essential to thoroughly grasp the program before beginning your path to QuickBooks certification. Discover all of its features, tools, and functions. Learn about the desktop and online versions of QuickBooks that best suit your interests and requirements. You may start by using the program alone to build expertise, or you can think about signing up for training sessions offered by Intuit, the firm that makes QuickBooks. To assist you in getting started, Intuit provides various tools, like tutorials, webinars, and documentation.
  2. Select the certification level: QuickBooks provides many certification levels to meet the demands of various users. The primary levels of certification are:
  • QuickBooks Online Certification: This certification focuses on QuickBooks Online, the cloud-based version of QuickBooks. It is appropriate for those who use an online platform to deal with customers.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Certification: This certification is intended for those who utilize the locally installed version of QuickBooks. For individuals who use QuickBooks mainly on desktop computers, it is perfect.
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) Certification: Users of QuickBooks Point of Sale, created especially for retail organizations, are the target audience for this certification. It includes the attributes and capabilities of inventory management and retail management.

Choose the certification level that best suits your requirements, professional objectives, and the QuickBooks version you want to use.

  1. Study for the certification test: To improve your chances of passing the QuickBooks certification exam, you must study. Intuit offers tools and study materials to aid your preparation. You may use the following actions to aid in your preparation:
    • Study Guides: For each certification level, Intuit provides approved study guides. These study aids include an overview of the exam’s subject matter and essential ideas, best practices, and practice questions.
    • Training Programs: Take into account signing up for programs offered by Intuit or certified QuickBooks trainers. These classes provide in-depth test subject coverage as well as practical software training.
    • Practice examinations: Benefit from the practice examinations provided by Intuit. These practice tests let you evaluate your preparedness and knowledge by simulating the actual exam atmosphere. Examine your answers and the justifications for any questions you got wrong.
    • Self-Study: Take part in self-study by looking into extra resources such as books, online courses, and QuickBooks-specific forums. These sites might provide insightful advice to help you better comprehend the program.
  1. Sign up for the exam: After you’re sure of your abilities, it’s time to sign up for the QuickBooks certification test. Go to the Intuit website and look under certification. You may learn about the schedule, costs, and exam registration there. Usually, there is a charge for registering for the test. Before moving on, ensure you have read the criteria and satisfied them.
  2. Take the test: The QuickBooks certification exam is usually delivered online. Depending on the certification level, the exam’s style may change. However, multiple-choice questions are often included. You will have a certain amount of time—between one and three hours—to finish the test. Additionally, depending on the certification level, passing scores may change. Be sure to thoroughly read the directions and take it slow when taking the test. It’s advised to concentrate on responding to the questions you are familiar with first, then go back and review the harder ones.
  3. Keep your certification current: You will earn your QuickBooks certification after completing the test. To keep your certification, you may have to meet specific criteria, including finishing continuing education programs or passing the test again. It’s crucial to remember that QuickBooks credentials are usually only good for one to three years. Ensure you satisfy the requirements to keep your certification active by following the certification renewal procedure.
  4. Promote your certification: To maximize the value of your QuickBooks certification, it is imperative that you do so. Update your CV and make your certification stand out as a significant accomplishment. Include the certification badge in your email signature, LinkedIn page, and other online profiles for business. In the accounting, bookkeeping, or similar industries, networking within the QuickBooks community and displaying your qualification may lead to new options, such as freelance work or job improvements.

It takes commitment, research, and practical QuickBooks experience to get certified. These methods will help you become a skilled QuickBooks user and improve your career opportunities in the finance and accounting industries.