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Disable Merchant Services in
QuickBooks Mac

You may use the steps below to deactivate Merchant Services in QuickBooks for Mac:

  1. Launch QuickBooks: Start QuickBooks on your Mac.
  2. Preferences for Access: Click “QuickBooks” in the top menu bar, then choose “Preferences” from the drop-down menu. By doing so, the Preferences box will appear, allowing you to change several options.
  3. Access the Payments page: Click the “Payments” tab in the Preferences box. You may adjust your payment processing preferences on this page, including Merchant Services.
  4. Turn off Merchant Services: Locate the area marked “Merchant Services” or “Credit Card Processing.” You should be able to deactivate or turn off the Merchant Services functionality from this menu.
    • If a checkbox is present, uncheck it to turn off Merchant Services.
    • If a toggle switch is present, flip it off to turn off Merchant Services.

Depending on your QuickBooks version, the option’s precise language may change.

  1. Verify your decision: Before disabling Merchant Services, QuickBooks may provide a warning message or a confirmation dialog box. After carefully reading the notice, click “OK” or “Yes.”
  2. Save changes: After disabling Merchant Services, you should save the changes by clicking the “OK” or “Save” button at the bottom of the Preferences box. This makes sure that QuickBooks remembers your option to turn off Merchant Services.
  3. Restart QuickBooks: It is advised to shut QuickBooks and reopen it on your Mac to ensure the modifications take effect.

These actions will deactivate the Merchant Services functionality in QuickBooks for Mac. You won’t have any further use of the software’s merchant services or credit card processing features.

Several situations call for the usage of disabling Merchant Services:

  • If you no longer need to use QuickBooks to handle payments and no longer need credit card processing capabilities.
  • If you wish to decouple payment processing from QuickBooks and utilize other payment solutions.
  • If you need to deactivate Merchant Services in QuickBooks because you are switching to a different payment processor.

It’s crucial to understand that turning off Merchant Services in QuickBooks does not nullify or end any contracts or agreements you may now have with your payment processor. Contact your payment processor individually if you handle any billing or cancellation-related issues.

If QuickBooks for Mac needs to re-enable Merchant Services, you may do comparable actions:

  1. Launch QuickBooks and go to the Preferences page.
  2. In the Preferences box, choose Payments.
  3. Turn on the toggle switch or choose the appropriate option to enable Merchant Services.
  4. To make the changes effective, save the modifications and restart QuickBooks.

Remember that reactivating Merchant Services can need extra setup and configuration, such as re-establishing the connection with your payment processor or inputting your login information.
These steps simplify turning off Merchant Services in QuickBooks for Mac, allowing you to choose other payment processing choices that suit your company’s requirements.

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