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QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic
Standard or Enhanced Subscription

Accurate payroll administration for your company is ensured by adding an Employer Identification Number (EIN) to an active QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard, or Enhanced subscription. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is the perfect option for organizations of all sizes since it provides various features and tools to expedite payroll procedures. You may add an EIN to your current QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription, whether you’re launching a new company entity or employing more workers, by following these simple steps:


Step 1: Access QuickBooks Desktop

On your computer, open QuickBooks Desktop and sign in with your administrator credentials. Ensure you have a QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard, or Enhanced subscription.


Step 2: Access the Payroll Center website.

Navigate to the Payroll Center after logging in. Pick “Payroll Center” from the menu bar’s “Employees” tab to accomplish this. The Payroll Center window will open as the central control point for your payroll-related operations.


Step 3: Add the EIN to the Company File

Click the “File Forms” tab at the top of the Payroll Center window. There is a list of payroll forms that are accessible. Click the “Add EIN” link at the bottom of the list as you go down.


Step 4: Give the business information

You will see a dialog window asking you to input the details of your business, including the new EIN. Make sure to input the EIN and complete all other essential fields precisely. Before continuing, make sure the information is accurate a second time.


Step 5: Review and Confirm

After inputting the business details, carefully read them over for a minute. Ensure all the information is correct, including the new EIN. When you are pleased with the data, choose “OK” to save the changes and go on.


Step 6: Update Payroll Tax Forms

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll will update your payroll tax forms to include the new EIN. This contains the appropriate federal, state, and municipal tax forms. Examine the paperwork to ensure the new EIN is presented appropriately and all pertinent tax information is current.


Step 7: Verify Payroll Setup

It’s crucial to check your payroll setup after adding the new EIN to make sure everything is appropriately linked to the new EIN. By looking at them, please verify that your payroll items, employee records, and tax settings align with the new EIN. If necessary, make any changes or revisions.


Step 8: Run a Payroll Test

Run a test payroll first to ensure all calculations and deductions are correct with the new EIN before processing a real paycheck. Before processing accurate paychecks, you may use this phase to find any possible problems or inconsistencies that need to be fixed.


Step 9: Inform Others of the Change

It’s crucial to let your staff members know about the new EIN if you have any. They may need to modify their tax withholding forms or make other changes based on the new EIN. Everyone will be informed of the change and able to take the necessary action if there is effective communication.


Step 10: If Required, Seek Professional Assistance

Seeking help from a licensed QuickBooks ProAdvisor or a licensed accountant may be advantageous if you run into any problems while the procedure is in progress or have complicated payroll obligations. To guarantee a seamless transfer and compliance with all the payroll requirements, these professionals may provide direction and help.


By adhering to these detailed guidelines, you may successfully add an EIN to your current QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard, or Enhanced subscription. Businesses looking for comfortable payroll administration software can choose QuickBooks Desktop due to its user-friendly design and straightforward payroll management options.