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Install Multiple QuickBooks Desktop
Versions on One Computer

Since QuickBooks does not officially enable running several versions concurrently, installing multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop on a single machine might be difficult. However, installing several versions with careful preparation and a few workarounds is feasible. Here is a comprehensive walkthrough to assist you:


Examine the system requirements.

Ensure your computer satisfies the system requirements for all the QuickBooks versions you wish to install before you start. The system requirements are listed on the Intuit website and in the QuickBooks user manuals. It’s crucial to have enough RAM, storage space, and compatible operating systems for each version.


Make installation plans

Note the unique features or functions each QuickBooks version offers and decide which versions you need to install. You may then pick the appropriate versions and determine if several are necessary.


Establish a Backup

It’s critical to back up your current QuickBooks business data before beginning any installs. Your data will be protected and available as a result. Use QuickBooks’ backup functionality or transfer the business data by hand to another place.


Get installation folders ready.

Different versions of QuickBooks are installed in distinct directories. Make distinct folders for each version before beginning the installation to keep them apart. You could, for instance, create folders for “QuickBooks 2019,” “QuickBooks 2020,” and so on. Keep a record of the folder locations for future use.


Install the previous version first.

Install QuickBooks Desktop starting with the most recent version you wish to utilize. Take these actions:

  1. Use the installer with the earliest version of QuickBooks, or download it.
  2. Launch the installer and adhere to the prompts on the screen.
  3. Pick the folder you made for that particular version when asked to pick an installation location.
  4. Enter the license key and choose the installation choices to finish the installation procedure.
  5. After the installation, turn off the version’s automatic updates. Conflicts with other installed versions are avoided as a result. Open QuickBooks, click “Help,” then “Update QuickBooks,” and then “Options” to turn off automatic updates. Choose “No” to turn off automatic updates from there.

Install Later Versions

Install the future versions using the instructions outlined in Step 5 once the earliest version has been installed successfully. Make careful to install each version into your folder and turn off automatic updates for each version.


Making shortcuts

Make desktop shortcuts for each installation of QuickBooks to make it simpler to reach each version. For each version, locate the QuickBooks executable file in the installation folder by performing a right-click and choosing “Create Shortcut.” Move the newly generated shortcuts to your desktop or elsewhere for easy access.


Release Particular Versions

Double-click the shortcut or executable file in the installation folder of the desired version of QuickBooks to run it. With no conflict with other installed versions, the chosen version will open this way. To utilize each version, repeat this procedure.


Important Points to Bear in Mind

Running several QuickBooks Desktop versions simultaneously on a single machine may cause compatibility difficulties, data damage, or performance concerns. It’s critical to move cautiously and to be ready to handle any complications that could occur.

Assign enough system resources to accommodate many QuickBooks versions running at once. Ensure your machine can handle the load since each version demands memory, computing power, and storage space.

If you run into any issues throughout the installation process or while utilizing various versions, it’s best to speak with a technical specialist or contact QuickBooks support.

Remember that the techniques above are workarounds and that QuickBooks does not formally support them. Getting advice from a technical professional or QuickBooks support is always advised to ensure your system is stable.