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QuickBooks Payroll Update Error
Unable To Send Usage Data

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software that enables companies to handle their financial operations, such as Payroll. When trying to update Payroll, users may sometimes encounter difficulties, including the “Unable To Send Usage Data” issue. In this extensive guide, we will examine the definition, common causes, potential treatments, and preventative actions, and we will end by discussing how important it is to handle this problem effectively.

In QuickBooks Payroll, the “Unable To Send Use Data” problem appears if the program has trouble transmitting use data to Intuit, the business that develops QuickBooks. Intuit is the parent company of QuickBooks. Because of this problem, updating the Payroll is disrupted, preventing users from gaining access to the most recent tax tables, deductions, and other essential payroll information. Finding and fixing this issue is necessary to guarantee proper payroll processing and regulatory compliance.


Several underlying explanations exist for the QuickBooks Payroll problem “Unable To Send Usage Data.” It is essential to comprehend these factors to diagnose and fix the problem successfully. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Problems with the internet connection: For QuickBooks to interact with Intuit’s servers, there must be a reliable internet connection. QuickBooks can be unable to communicate use statistics, which would result in errors if there are delays, sluggish speeds, or network issues. Network outages, router troubles, or a congested internet connection are common challenges.
  2. Subscription and Licensing Issues: Obtaining and transferring consumption statistics might result from QuickBooks and Payroll subscriptions that are out-of-date or expired. To access the most recent payroll features and upgrades and to guarantee compliance with tax legislation, payroll operations often need a current and valid membership.
  3. Outdated software: Using an outdated version of Payroll or QuickBooks might lead to compatibility problems. Software updates often include bug fixes, security patches, and other enhancements and are essential for smooth performance. The software update procedure can encounter issues if you forget to update it.
  4. Firewall and Security Software: Firewall or security software settings that are too restrictive might prevent QuickBooks from delivering information to Intuit’s servers. These security precautions are intended to safeguard your computer but may unintentionally obstruct valid data transfer. It is often essential to change these settings to fix the problem.
  5. TLS (Transport Layer Security) Settings: Insecure data transfer might be hampered by your computer’s outdated or incorrect TLS settings. Establishing a secure connection between QuickBooks and Intuit’s servers depends on TLS. Communication issues and errors may arise if your system is not set up to utilize the proper TLS version, such as TLS 1.2.
  6. Payroll Subscription Status: The “Unable To Send Usage Data” issue may appear if your payroll subscription has expired, has not been renewed, or has been set up incorrectly in QuickBooks. To avoid this problem, confirming that your membership is current and properly linked to your QuickBooks account is crucial.

A methodical approach and troubleshooting methods may be necessary to pinpoint the precise source of the issue in your situation. You may successfully fix the issue and ensure that QuickBooks payroll processing runs without a hitch by dealing with the underlying problem.


The “Unable To Send Usage Data” problem in QuickBooks Payroll must be fixed to ensure correct payroll processing and financial compliance. You must put the correct answers into action if you want to solve this problem correctly. You may find thorough solutions to this mistake in the sections below:

Check Your Internet Connection as a First Step

Ensuring your internet connection is reliable and operating correctly before beginning any software-related troubleshooting is essential. Communication problems with Intuit’s servers may result from a shaky or interrupted internet connection. To check your internet connection, do the following actions:

  1. Check Your Connectivity: To check if your internet connection is operational and reliable, open a web browser and attempt to view a few different websites. Contact your internet service provider (ISP) to fix any connection difficulties if you have trouble viewing websites.
  2. Restart the router or modem: If you think there may be a problem with the router or modem, try disconnecting it briefly before plugging it back in. Usually, this one action may fix minor connection issues.
  3. Switch to a Wired Connection: If you’re currently using Wi-Fi, you may want to use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the router for a more dependable connection, mainly when updating.

Solution 2: Check the subscription information for QuickBooks and Payroll

You must ensure that your subscriptions to QuickBooks and Payroll are valid and current. Issues with obtaining and transferring consumption statistics might result from out-of-date or expired subscriptions. What you ought to do is:

  1. Launching QuickBooks Desktop: Use your administrator credentials to launch QuickBooks Desktop and log in.
  2. Access the “Help” menu”: In the top-right corner of the QuickBooks window, choose the “Help” option.
  3. Choose “Manage My License”: From the dropdown menu, choose “Manage My License”. Depending on your QuickBooks version, this option may be labeled “Manage My Account” or “Manage My Subscription.”
  4. Verify Your Subscription Status: Your subscription details will be visible in a new window that opens. Check to make sure your subscriptions to QuickBooks and Payroll are still in effect and have not expired. Follow the on-screen instructions to renew your memberships if required.

Solution 3: look for updates

Incompatible software may often lead to challenges in submitting consumption statistics and other compatibility-related concerns. By doing the following, you may make sure that Payroll and QuickBooks are both operating at the most recent versions:

  1. Launch QuickBooks Desktop on your PC to get started.
  2. Access the “Help” option: In the top-right corner of the QuickBooks window, click the “Help” option.
  3. Choose “Update QuickBooks”: From the dropdown menu, choose “Update QuickBooks.” The QuickBooks Update window will open as a result.
  4. Update Now: Choose the “Update Now” tab in the QuickBooks Update window. Make sure you choose QuickBooks and Payroll updates.
  5. Get Updates: Click the “Get Updates” button to start the update procedure. The newest updates for QuickBooks will be downloaded and installed.
  6. Restart QuickBooks: To effect the changes made by the upgrades, restart QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 4: Reset QuickBooks Updates 

After upgrading QuickBooks, you may try resetting the updates to see if the problems persist. This procedure may assist in fixing update-related issues:

  1. Close QuickBooks Desktop: Before continuing, make sure QuickBooks is fully closed.
  2. Open the Control Panel: using the Windows key to bring up the Start menu, enter “Control Panel,” and then press Enter.
  3. Access Programs: Depending on your version of Windows, click “Programs” or “Programs and Features” in the Control Panel.
  4. Find QuickBooks here: Locate QuickBooks in the list of installed apps and choose “Uninstall/Change” from the context menu. The QuickBooks Installation window will open as a result.
  5. Repair QuickBooks: To repair QuickBooks, choose the “Repair” option from the QuickBooks Installation window and follow the on-screen instructions. Any broken or missing application files will be fixed during this procedure.
  6. Restart Computer: Restart your computer when the repair is finished to ensure the adjustments take effect.
  7. Relaunch QuickBooks: Open QuickBooks Desktop and try updating Payroll once again.

Solution 5: Review the firewall and security software settings 

Your computer has to be protected by a firewall and security software, but they may unintentionally prevent QuickBooks from delivering data to Intuit. You need to set up your firewall and security settings to let QuickBooks, and its processes get through to fix this problem. This is how:

  1. Use security/firewall software: Launch your security software or firewall. Depending on the program you’re using, the particular procedures could change.
  2. Add QuickBooks as an Exception: Find choices for exceptions or permitted apps. Include QuickBooks Desktop and any associated QuickBooks processes (like qbupdate.exe) in the list of permitted apps. By completing this step, QuickBooks can interface with external servers, including those owned by Intuit.
  3. Save modifications: Once you’ve added QuickBooks to the list of exceptions, save the modifications and then close the firewall/security software options.
  4. Restart Your Computer: To confirm that the modifications are applied, restart your computer.
  5. Try the Update: Reopen QuickBooks and update Payroll once again to check whether the issue has been fixed.

Solution 6: Check TLS Settings 

The safe data transfer between QuickBooks and Intuit’s servers depends on Transport Layer Security (TLS). Make sure the TLS settings on your machine are set up correctly to allow encrypted communication:

  1. Whether Internet Explorer is your usual browser, open it for this step.
  2. Click “Tools” > “Internet Options” to continue. Select “Internet Options” from the “Tools” menu in Internet Explorer.
  3. Select “Advanced” from the tab menu: Open the Internet Options box, then choose the “Advanced” option.
  4. Verify TLS Settings Make sure “Use TLS 1.2” is ticked in the list of options by scrolling down. This guarantees that your machine transmits data using the most secure TLS version.
  5. Apply Changes: To save the TLS settings, click “Apply” and “OK.”

Solution 7: Review your payroll subscription

Problems with your payroll subscription status might bring on the “Unable To Send Usage Data” issue. To check your subscription and make changes, do the following actions:

  1. Access Your Intuit Account: Visit the Intuit website and use your login information to access your Intuit account.
  2. Select “Products & Services” from the menu: Find the “Products & Services” area within your account.
  3. Check the state of Your Payroll Subscription: Verify the state of your payroll subscription. Make sure it is current and active. If it needs to be renewed or has expired, follow the instructions in your Intuit account.
  4. Link the Payroll Subscription to QuickBooks: If required, ensure your QuickBooks account is appropriately linked to your Payroll Subscription. This guarantees a smooth connection between your payroll provider and QuickBooks.

Solution 8: Contact QuickBooks Support

If none of those above fixes fix the “Unable To Send Usage Data” problem, it is advised to contact QuickBooks Support. Professionals at QuickBooks Support are prepared to give specialist advice, look into the problem, and provide customized solutions for your situation.


For payroll processing to continue without interruption, preventing the “Unable To Send Usage Data” error and related problems is essential. Here are some precautions to think about:

  1. Regular Updates: To take advantage of bug fixes and additions, keep QuickBooks and Payroll software up to date.
  2. Keep an eye on your subscriptions: To prevent interruptions, ensure your QuickBooks and Payroll subscriptions are valid and immediately renewed.
  3. Internet Stability: To guarantee smooth communication with Intuit’s servers, maintain a steady and dependable internet connection.
  4. Firewall Settings: To ensure that QuickBooks runs correctly, review and modify the firewall and security software settings.
  5. TLS Configuration: Regularly review and update your computer’s TLS settings to facilitate secure data transfer.


Businesses that depend on precise payroll processing may find it challenging to deal with the “Unable To Send Usage Data” problem in QuickBooks Payroll. You may lessen the likelihood of this mistake occurring by comprehending its origins and putting the suggested remedies and preventative actions into practice. For efficient payroll processes and general financial health, your QuickBooks subscriptions need regular upkeep, upgrades, and proactive administration. Don’t be afraid to contact QuickBooks Support if a problem persists so that you can properly fix it.