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System Requirements for QuickBooks
Desktop Enterprise 2019

A comprehensive and cutting-edge accounting program created for mid-sized companies and corporations, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019 is available now. It provides a broad variety of functions and capabilities to handle financial data, inventory, sales, and payroll. To guarantee seamless operation and functioning after installing QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019, confirming that your computer satisfies the minimal system requirements is essential. The precise system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019 are shown below:

  1. Operating System: The following operating systems are compatible with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019:

Windows 10 is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, as are Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 SP1.

Please be aware that Windows Server 2019 does not officially support QuickBooks 2019. Consider updating to a newer version of QuickBooks that supports Windows Server if you currently use that operating system.

  1. CPU: A 2.4 GHz CPU is required for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019. Utilizing a CPU that supports SSE2 instructions is recommended. This covers the majority of Intel Core 2 Duo or above CPUs.
  2. RAM (Memory): 8 GB or more RAM is recommended for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019. Although 4 GB is the minimum required, having more RAM is advantageous, particularly if you are working with huge data files or numerous users using the program simultaneously. Adding more RAM may enhance the application’s overall performance and speed.
  3. Hard storage Space: To install QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019, you’ll need at least 2.5 GB of storage space. However, it is crucial to consider the amount of space needed for backups and data files. The amount of disk space needed will rise as your firm expands and you gather more financial data. Having a significant and quick hard disk for adequate data storage and access is advantageous.
  4. Display Resolution: A screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 or above is advised for the best visibility and usage of the program. Because QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019 has several windows, tabs, and reports, a higher resolution makes it easier to read and use these components.
  5. Internet Connection: To use online features like automatic software updates, online banking, and payroll services, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019 needs to be connected to the Internet. For a smooth online experience, a fast and reliable internet connection is essential. Although you may use the program offline if required, its primary operation is not dependent on the Internet.
  6. Database Servers: You must set up a database server to run QuickBooks on a network for several users to access simultaneously. The following database servers are supported by QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019:

Windows Server 2019 and Server 2016, Server 2012 R2, Server 2011 Service Pack 1, and Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

Linux: Fedora 27, OpenSuse 42.3, and Red Hat 7 (update 3).

For optimum performance and dependability, you must ensure your database server complies with all hardware and software specifications set out by QuickBooks.

  1. Browser Compatibility (for Online services): QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019 supports Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit) to access online services like downloading bank transactions and controlling payroll. Other web browsers may function, but Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, formally recommends using Internet Explorer for the best results.
  2. Microsoft Office Compatibility (for Integrations): You must have a compatible version of Office installed on your computer if you want to combine QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019 with Microsoft Office programs like Outlook or Excel. The following Microsoft Office versions are compatible with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019:

Office 365 (both desktop and online versions), Office 2019 (both desktop and online versions), Office 2016 (both desktop and online versions), and Office 2013 (both desktop and online versions).

To prevent compatibility problems, please ensure your Microsoft Office installation is current with the most recent service packs and upgrades.

  1. Extra Software: During the installation procedure for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019, extra software components may need to be installed. The Microsoft.NET 4.7 Runtime, which is required for the program to run correctly, is one crucial component. The QuickBooks installer will urge you to download and install the necessary.NET version if it is not installed on your computer.

It’s crucial to remember that these specifications are just for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019. Verifying the system requirements for the exact version of QuickBooks that you want to install is always advisable since later software versions can have different specifications.

It is advised to use the System Requirement Tool offered by Intuit before updating or installing QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019. This program will examine your computer’s setup and alert you to any issues that must be fixed before installing the software.




To guarantee maximum performance and prevent any compatibility difficulties, your computer must meet the minimum system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019. Businesses may fully use the features and capabilities that QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019 provides, expedite their accounting procedures, and efficiently manage their financial data by having the appropriate hardware and software requirements in place.